The Repair Garage is usually the first choice for receptions.  It has about 6,400 sq ft of space and can accommodate up to 296 guests for a seated meal.  This building can also work for smaller groups with plenty of space for including some classic Packards as static displays.
The Lodge Garage measures about 1,600 sq ft and is most often used for indoor ceremonies, but it also can accommodate up to about 100 guests for a seated meal and works well for smaller more intimate wedding groups.  The Lodge Garage is connected to The Repair Garage by a large paved courtyard and it’s possible to host a larger group by adding a tent to the courtyard area so that guests can flow through all three areas.  This works best with food stations and/or hors d’oeuvres and we have to keep the fire lane open through the center, but it’s doable.
Large tents are also an option as there are several locations on the grounds that would work for this.  At the west end of the grounds is one small stretch of concrete that was part of the original test track and it would be a great spot to locate a large event tent.  Plus, there are lots of spots on the grounds that a tent could be set up on the grass too.